What pillow sizes are available?

The question of what pillow sizes are available has always perplexed me. Especially, when it comes to the matter of snoring. I have two friends who are addicted to snoring, one is a loud snorer and the other is a quiet snorer. They both sleep on different pillows which obviously difference their comfort levels and in this case causing them both health problems. One of the friends regularly wears a snoring guard or pillow, which makes him sleep on his side.

In addition to snoring he has to sleep hot as it’s a lot of work keeping him on his side. The funny thing is that he bought a memory foam pillow specifically because of his back issues. He loves it because it supports his neck and shoulders in an excellent way. He has even bought another one for his head due to the pain in his neck from sleeping on his back.

The best answer to what pillow sizes are available is to find out which filling material your pillow is made with. A majority of the products you will come across are made with either memory foam or polyfill. Polyfill is the most commonly used filling material. Memory foam on the other hand is much more expensive than polyfill. It is made of a unique synthetic material that provides superior support and durability.

What is the difference between a low loft pillow measure and a high pillow loft? The low loft pillow measures more than the high one in height. A low loft pillow is ideal for use on your lap, where you can read a book or magazine.

What do spinealign and body conforming pillows have in common? Spinealign is a non-invasive alternative to traditional spine surgery. Many people feel uncomfortable and even ashamed about having bulging or out of place backs. A good spine aligner can help align your spine, giving you better posture, improved back sleep and a more relaxed night. When you wake up the next morning, your spine should be much tighter and you will not be aware that you have had a neck lift or back surgery.

What are standard textile fillings? Traditional fillings include cotton, goose down and synthetic polyester fibers. Cotton and goose down provide superior insulating properties that keep your heat in during warm bed hours and your cool air out during cooler nights. Synthetic fibers such as polyester fibers are lightweight and do not retain heat.

How are sleeping positions selected for adults and children? We tend to fall into one of three pillow posture categories: laying flat, side-to-side or prone. Some people sleep on their side whereas others sleep on their back; and still others prefer to lie on their stomachs. With so many options for you, there are numerous makes, models and shapes for you to choose from to find the best fit for your body and your sleep position preferences.

Foam pillows are a great option for everyone because they offer superior comfort and support. They are made using a patented high quality, expanded foam called polyfill. Polyfill offers superior stability and durability, and it will not lose its original shape. Best of all, because it is foam it breathes.

Another alternative pillow choice for side sleepers and back sleepers is a visco-elastic foam pillow. This foam has a firmness level that is one step higher than a typical foam pillow. This allows it to mold to the contour of your head and neck in order to provide maximum support. Like a memory foam pillow, it also provides exceptional neck support and is ideal for those who need additional support for their heads while they sleep.

What about spinal alignment? It has been shown that sleep apnea, a condition where a person stops breathing for short periods throughout the night, may be caused by a misaligned spine. The neck may have a flattened appearance, and the spine itself may be elongated or curved. A good pillow can help alleviate or completely eliminate the symptoms of sleep apnea. It provides extra support in the proper areas to improve spinal alignment.

What about the best pillows for stomach sleepers? Believe it or not, you don’t actually need to buy one of the fancy tummy pillows that sit at the bottom of many furniture pieces. Instead, try to sleep on a full tummy, which can allow you to make up for lost space due to a stretched out belly. If you’d prefer to keep things simple, you can use regular pillows for stomach sleepers. Some of the best pillows for stomach sleepers are shaped like a triangle, with one end shaped like a triangle point and the other ends shaped like an oblong. These pillows provide the best support and shape, which help your body stay in alignment while you are asleep.