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About this site

A Digital Humanities project 

The idea behind this site was to offer a place on the web where philosophy podcasts from various sources are organized in a way that makes them more accessible to the interested public.

Content aggregation and curation

There are many different podcast producers who are creating an increasingly large variety of audio and video interviews with philosophers working in many different areas. The result is a zoo of philosophy podcasts: from philosophy of mind or science to ethics, political or continental philosophy. This site aggregates in one place thousands of podcasts from many disparate sources, categorizes them by area, and makes them searchable and easy to find. 

Fresh content

The lists of podcasts indexed on this site are updated constantly. Thus, new podcasts appear on this website as soon as they are released by their producers. The podcasts are categorized automatically using syntactic filters which are not perfect and could be improved. The technology behind this site is XML/RSS.

Podcast providers

None of the podcasts indexed by this site is created or hosted here. They are produced and/or hosted by the following sources, which we acknowledge below.


Axons and Axioms
History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps
In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg: BBC
Michael Sandel: The Public Philosopher - BBC
New Books in Philosophy
Philosophy Bites
Philosophy Now
Philosophy TV
Rationally Speaking
Such That Cast
The 10-Minute Puzzle
The Podcast for Social Research

The Partially Examined Life
The Philosopher's Zone
Very Bad Wizards
WHY? - Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life


This project was created and is maintained by Alex Manafu. I am a postdoc in philosophy at the University of Paris-1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and an associate of the Center for Digital Philosophy at the University of Western Ontario. Email me, especially if you have ideas about how this site could be improved, or if you are looking to collaborate on other Digital Humanities projects. If you are the producer or the manager of a philosophy podcast and you want it included here, you may also email me.


This project takes up time and effort, but it will always be free of charge. Please consider a donation.